Golden Alef

by Magilla Shuwall

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The Golden Alef lies at the nexus of the Creator, the Joy, the Witness, and the Power.

Mind can jump all over from the future to the past, but the breath cannot. IN uses his breath to make a statement, and his message is carried from its start to its finish, expiring with him as the lungs are emptied. In every moment the world is created and then, not there again; volleys of unique creation come with the breaths. In it is the absolute power but constantly there are revisions, the Creator self-conscious of the worlds his every unique breath invokes.

Infinte channels lay before our eyes like piano keys. This may be interpreted as the sciences which branch off into channels, whose mastery is expected from us - the mind.. But without rejoicing at their mere presence, the number becomes a burden, the diving of these channels dry like sandpaper. Through our evolutionary gift of dexterity, JIN may bound and ricochet about the channels, taking as little or as much from them as they want. They never disappear; JIN can take the added joy of the Creator's providence, an eternal service.

So much of our lives are spent in the bass frequencies of the witness. His path is a winding one through notes; like that of the Joy but more solitary, with a louder voice being able to penetrate walls. When the witness stays still, is dispassionate, the creation and the joy bend to him. These moments are rare, as even with the Creation catering to him, the witness wants to walk, wants to exercise his joy but cannot, and the Creation and Joy shift overhead like destructive atmospheres.

Power is the percussive magnitude of the events unfolding, as real as thunder; a noise elevating the awareness of all around. The less power, the more the spectacle becomes viewed on a tiny screen, and smiled at. The more power, the more the spectacle of the Alef is LIVED. The witness sets atmospheres into motion through his unrest; power arises, crashing down in a white-hot bolt. We shock ourselves with bigger screens and speakers. When was the last time you were out in the thunder and lightning?

Every JIN on the planet constantly creates alefs that pile up around them like a fountain. Some are helium, rising lighter than air and dissipating. Some are stone or steel, that persist and impose like our large buildings. But the small ones that were lucky enough to get structured and recorded reflect the light that was granted them. Small and valuable, these are Golden Alefs that we cherish, that persist, that are argued upon after we die.

In receiving the ability to use the breath of creation we too receive the question.We find ourselves in a quiz game. A challenge is more charming when there is more of a chance to lose. Every Alef is an answer.

16 Sivan 5770

-Steel Witnesses

20 Sivan 5768
21 Sivan 5768

-Wood Witnesses

17 Elul, 5768


released August 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Magilla Shuwall Mount Vernon, Illinois

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