Everybody's Elsewhere

from by Magilla Shuwall

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Also written in July 2009, on bass. Like to think of it as unreliable narrator.


How long must I wait for you to join me in this world?
I know the person touchin your keys
is the one you really want to be with
But just give this old world a chance, you'll see
How long God's been workin on this funny thing called me
Just use your voice and there I'll be
No network necessary

So much riding on our vast connections
How much do we really have
If we can't suffer silence without text injections
from equally bored strangers with the gift of gab?

I know you can whip your gadget out
and let the fingers fly
But when everybody else is elsewhere, where am I?

Too long have I seen these faces buried in their screens
The world gets smaller every day, and so does people's tunnel vision
Pretty soon it'll slip away & we'll see
Whose song will be playin without digital compression, yeah
It's quiet and it's out of key, but that's me

The data's makin tracks along our busy airwaves, buzzin round our busy brains
Half of it says "are you as bored as I am?"
The other half says "Gotta go, I'm on the plane"
Who knows what distant friends you're flyin off to now
Cause everybody's got more elsewhere
than the good earth will allow

Stay right here with me and I'll show you the world
As walked by two big feet
Feel the same soft rains that'll fall
On the grass after the last text message passes
It just said 'help me, plz'

We're here, and there's not much left to do but let the time go by
You shouldn't have to run and hide
from a world you can't control by typing
Just push that buddy list aside and see
If here is a place that you can handle with both hands free
And soaking in the moon or sunlight, be happy
Everybody's Elsewhere


from A Place In The Hills, released August 20, 2011
Magilla on voice, bass, saxes, guitar, and electronics. Jonathan Raby on drums.



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Magilla Shuwall Mount Vernon, Illinois

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