My​-​Baby's​-​Here Smile

from by Magilla Shuwall

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Written in 2009. Even more Southern Illinois namedrops. This four-chord song gave us the most hell in the studio - timing issues and lots of retakes. Never underestimate.


She walks in the room so light on her feet
Heading in my direction she looks for a seat
She's lit up like the skies over South Marcum beach in July

And when I think who that bright smile might be for
A sharp-dressed young man follows her from the door
Puts his hands on her waist, gives the barkeep their order and I sigh

If she's looking too good to be true
it's never for you
The luckiest man in the world's coming soon
But till then she'll string you along for a while
With her my-baby's here smile.

She sees her grandchildren each Sunday at two
They run around bored, treat the place like a zoo
Her daughter just smiles as she makes her way through the spilt toys

She can't say her name, but her smile tells all
When her husband walks in from the nursing home hall
Kisses her on the cheek and fixes her shawl before joining in the noise

He held her through laughter and tears
For fifty-two years
Her body wore down but the magic appears
On her face when her wheels cross the common room tile
With a my-baby's-here smile

They struggle and suffer to be fit and trim
And choose the right shoes, bags and clothes to fit in
But the best style that women can wear can't be fixed with a comb

There's love in her eyes and she couldn't see clearer
She's put up the makeup and become the mirror
Reflecting the sweet play unfolding around her
And knowing it'll carry her home

Even the craziest cats are passed out
And some tired drunken body has filled every couch
But I’m sober enough to take these empties out before I go

Out on the back porch you raise your eye
And say “You considerate boys are my type”
And I look behind me to see your guy but I don’t

And now it’s not for someone else
That twinkle that tells
Me you’re so glad that you’ve got me to yourself
I threw out my blues with the trash on the pile
When I saw your my-baby’s here smile


from A Place In The Hills, released August 20, 2011
Magilla on guitars, bass, percussion. Jonathan Raby on Drums. Evil John Wilson on second verse.



all rights reserved


Magilla Shuwall Mount Vernon, Illinois

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