New to Pony

by Magilla Shuwall

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This song explores the thin line between retail giants and any pathetic local pyramid scheme. It's the same excitement - the one born from making a big profit margin, whether it's celebrated in the "boiler room" at the direct-sales vacuum distributorship, or lighting up screen to shining screen to advertise the Columbus Day sale. Fanfare your success with glittery sounds, utter saturation, five stations at once. With treasures and trends. With ponies.

Featuring Best Pony Gwen King on vocals.

Just a demo for now, more to come.


Soothe our sailors, sirens of the mall!
Sing them on a course with fame!
Have them climb our pyramid scandal wall
to the horse game!

Look at how much we are selling - blast advertisement, something phony to blow. We pay through the nose for someone new to pony the dough.

He don't pull the same weight as you, give it to him, flog his skull with a noose.
I don't shoot the same breeze as you, give it to me, blow my foundation loose.
Ships don't wear the same dress as her, honey sugar stitch them something abstract.
Up and coming for autumn's lull, give it to the world that wants to sail back.

Back to when our tans left scents of vulgar youth
Luring forth oppressors wedded to our fall
Casting ripe diversions to waylay the truth
Cold pursuits of cars and houses houses houses houses

(Broadcast news, office fakes, lamppost heights, kitchen hearts. Idle toms, flogging bass, matchstick charms, gridline schemes)
Revolving doors, anchored on his fear of failure's static rusty hinge
Here alone, deceit's new drone drummed up Dagueissinge.

Look at how long it'll sit there
Crowning our view with such an innocent sign
Vampires always hiring
someone new to pony their time.

Look at how much we are selling
blast advertisement, something phony to blow
We pay through the nose for
Someone new to pony the dough!


released August 29, 2012
Gwen King on Vocals.
Gwen's vocals recorded by Jim Foerster of Mole Hole Studios.
Cover Photo from Youtube's "Supermandingo22".



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Magilla Shuwall Mount Vernon, Illinois

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