Sonny and the Lifeguard

from by Magilla Shuwall

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Written in August 2009 in Greg Horne's Songwriting Seminar at National Guitar Workshop in Purchase, NY.


The lifeguard unlocks the door, whistlin’ through his keys
Sunlight hits the town Rec Center, peekin’ through the trees
It’s time to start them big pool pumps, lots of kids comin’ out today
And Sonny’s walkin’ back from his mornin’ chocolate milk, ready to play

The lifeguard got an office job, he starts September 6th
Till then, he swings his whistle around and he tosses out diving sticks
Sonny gets faster and faster bringin’ those things back up
‘Cause runnin’ him around is the only way
The lifeguard can get young Sonny to shut up

‘Cause he’ll talk all day ‘bout video games
And schoolyard fights between unknown names
His mama’s glad he’s found a buddy
She also finds it a little funny
That the lifeguard is the only one
But they still have fun

Now the lifeguard works for GuardLife, Ltd, typing out a letter to say
“We’re sorry, but we have to deny your insurance claim”
He didn’t recognie the address, it was that of Sonny’s mom
And Sonny too, and when she read it she knew
She would have to sell the car and sell the farm

They packed everything in a little U-Haul
And took it to the city, let some bitter nights fall
He usually plays with more high-tech stuff
But any shiny object is oddly enough
To keep young Sonny on the run, and he still has fun

His favorite game was to jump real high
Off the c ouch and crush the head of the bad guy
He played late at night when his mama was out
And that wee hour was just about
When the lifeguard’s tryin’ to turn in
He lives below him, and he’s jumpin’ again
Jump Sonny!

Sonny’s getting’ back on track, swimmin’ just to stay warm
And the lifeguard’s new, but just as true in dive-stick-tossin’ form
GuardLife Ltd. Is gettin’ sued, someone was cookin’ up the books
And Mama wasn’t dreamin’ when she thought she saw
The new lifeguard givin’ her that special look

They packed everything in a big U-Haul
And took it to the ocean, sun and surf and all
Sonny’s learnin’ to hang ten
And Mama looks out to the men
That kept her afloat when times got hard
Sonny and the Lifeguard


from A Place In The Hills, released August 20, 2011
Magilla on guitar, bass, drums, percussion beepy stuff. Guitar arrangement by Michael Suess.



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Magilla Shuwall Mount Vernon, Illinois

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